KG March 2017 Calendar
President - 
        Sara Allen
Vice President - 
        Maddie Starks
Secretary -
        Jada Novak
Treasurer - 
        Julia Johns
Historians - 
        Madelyn Hanes
        Ava West
Dance Captains -
        Madelyn Hanes
        Emily Lowrey
Asst Dance Captain -
        Kaylee Wisner
Vocal Section Leaders -
        Hailey Goad
        Ari Luttrell
        Maddie Starks
Stage Manager - 
​        Natalie Bartley
Asst Stage Manager - 
        Makinna Arnold
Fitness Trainer - ​
        Kelly Harris
Asst Fitness Trainer -
        Julia Johns

        Sheila Cross
        April Walsh
Vice Presidents - 
        Cassie Allen
        Hilary Feightner
Secretary -
        Mandi Titzer
Treasurer - 
        Marsha Paladino
        Kim Schultz
Members-at-Large -
        Melissa Counts
        Heather Furbee
        Alicia Moore
        Monica Turner
        Angela West
        Lori Wisner

P.O. Box 1265
Newburgh, IN 47629
E v e n t s
Student Leaders
Parent Board

  • Hailey Goad
  • Isabella Bassler
  • Jada Novak
  • Maddie Starks
  • Natalie Bartley
  • Sara Allen
  • Taylor Gansman
From Paradise, Indiana, the Castle High School Knightingales are an all-female show choir now in their nineteenth season of competition. The group has captured awards through the years including “Most Creative Show,” best costumes, best stage crew, best back-up band, best choreography, best vocal sound, and first place women’s choir and have been ladies’ division finalists at DeKalb, Anderson Highland, Pike, Princeton, Center Grove, Huntington North, Ben Davis, Lawrence Central, Mooresville, North Central, Springfield Southeast, and Warren Central. They consistently earn Superior / Gold ratings at I.S.S.M.A. contests, both at the district and state levels. The group has twice earned 1st place / gold ratings onboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Festivals at Sea” programs in contests onboard their ships, and has participated twice in the FAME Show Choir National Championship Series in Chicago, last year winning the ladies’ division. They have qualified for spots in the state show choir championships nine times. For more information, visit Featuring choreography and visual design by Rob DiComandrea, the group is under the co-direction of Mr. Brian Adcock and Ms. Jenny Kinney. 
2020-2021 Knightingales

  • Angelina Curry
  • Arianna Luttrell
  • Emily Lowrey
  • Grace Kobylanski
  • Hannah Garwood
  • Julia Johns
  • Justyce McCord
  • Kaylee Wisner
  • Kelly Harris
  • Madeline Sills
  • Madelyn Hanes
  • Olivia Sublett
  • Rachel Dillinger


  • Abi Carrero
  • Ally Patterson
  • Alyssa Korba
  • Caleigh Bohannon
  • Caroline Lynch
  • Ella Farnsworth
  • Ella May
  • Ellie Schultz
  • Emily Scholer
  • Erica Rea
  • Hannah Bryant
  • Katie Boone
  • Kelsey Jacobs
  • Paige Matheny
  • Sara Connaway

Knight Sensations

Designed by Jeff Cozart (c) 2012, Erick Shoup 2013-2016


  • Alexa Cecil
  • Alexandra Harris
  • Ava West
  • Avery Stephens
  • Breanna Knight
  • Ella Titzer
  • Elorie Rowe
  • Kimberly Abbey
  • Lynnen Bush
  • Madison Huber
  • Makinna Arnold
  • Zandie Harris