KS September 2014
President -
        Brooke Walsh
Vice President - 
        Hayden Carter
Secretary -
        Ella Bassett
Treasurer - 
        Ben Lloyd
Historians - 
        Ellie McAtee
        Macey Montgomery
Dance Captains -
        Logan Barton
        Ella Bassett
        Hayden Carter
        Addy West
Asst Dance Captains -
        Jentry Gottfried
        Jax Watson
Vocal Section Leaders -
        Ben Lloyd
        Gage McNew    
        Macey Montgomery
        Fio Pulido
Asst Vocal Section Leaders -
​        Alyssa Chaffee
        Megan Rauscher
        Trey Phillips
        Cade Stephens         
Stage Manager -
        Reece Foncannon   
Asst Stage Manager -     
        Dillon Haynes
Fitness Trainers - 
        Ella Bassett
        Tyler Furbee
Assistant Fitness Trainers-
        Cade Stephens
        Lauren Strange
Student Admin. Assistant - 
​         Hayden Carter              
President - 
        April Walsh
        Sheila Cross
Vice President -
        Hilary Feightner
        Cassie Allen
Secretary -
       Mandi Titzer
Treasurers - 
       Marsha Paladino
       Kim Schultz
Members-at-Large -
       Melissa Counts
       Heather Furbee
       Alicia Moore
       Monica Turner
       Angela West
​       Lori Wisner
Knight Sensations
P.O. Box 1265
Newburgh, IN 47629
E v e n t s
Student Leaders
Parent Board
    31st       Season
From Paradise, Indiana, the Castle High School Knight Sensations have gained recognition throughout Indiana and the United States in their 26 seasons of show choir competition. They have been finalists in numerous invitationals, including DeKalb, Ben Davis, Avon, Shelbyville, Southwestern, Princeton, Edgewood, Triton Central, Pike, Mooresville, Anderson Highland, Lawrence Central, Huntington North, Franklin Central, Center Grove, Teays Valley, Warren Central, North Central, Springfield Southeast, and Showstoppers International at Walt Disney World. The group has captured awards over the years for best stage crew, best back-up band, best male soloist, best female soloist, most positive group spirit, best show and general effect, best choreography, and best vocal sound. They consistently earn Superior / Gold ratings at I.S.S.M.A. contests, both at the district and state levels. The group has twice earned first place / gold ratings through Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Festivals at Sea” programs in contests onboard their ships, and has participated twice in the FAME Show Choir National Championship Series in Chicago. They have qualified for spots in the state show choir championships nine times. For more information, visit www.castleshowchoirs.com. Featuring choreography and visual design by Rob DiComandrea, the group is under the direction of Mr. Brian Adcock, with assistance by Ms. Jenny Kinney. ​
2020-2021 Knight Sensations

  • Addy West
  • Addy White
  • Ben Lloyd
  • Brooke Walsh
  • Cade Stephens
  • Carly Mason
  • Dillon Haynes
  • Ella Bassett
  • Ellie McAtee
  • Fiorella Pulido
  • Hayden Carter
  • Isaac Willett
  • Justin Strickland
  • Kylee Moye
  • Lauren Hasenour
  • Logan Barton
  • Madison Paladino
  • Megan Rauscher
  • Reece Foncannon
  • Sami Elfar
  • Shefali Joshi
  • Sophie Feightner
  • Trey Phillips
  • Tyler Furbee


  • Alyssa Chaffee
  • Briley Turner
  • Carter Lynn
  • Gabby Fratto
  • Gage McNew
  • Hannah Fehlinger
  • Jack Deig
  • Jax Watson
  • Jaylen Bockelman
  • Jentry Gottfried
  • Jocie Horne
  • Jonah Carrero
  • Landen Blanford
  • Lauren Strange
  • Macey Montgomery
  • Malory Mills-Lynch
  • Seamus Lambert
  • Will Heneisen


  • Ava Bargeloh
  • Camille Wy
  • Chloe Cross
  • Isabelle Hayes
  • Jason McIntire
  • Josh Porter
  • Makenna Counts
  • Matthew Heil


  • Cole Yunker
  • Jake LeDuc
  • Nick Tiberi
Knight Sensations

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